Driving lessons cat.BPT (taxi)


Would you like to transport people commercially?

Drive your own taxi or maybe even set up your own taxi company? Or do you need the passenger transport ticket (code 121) for another business idea or for a special employer?

Then you are exactly right here.

We prepare you intensively for your upcoming taxi exam.

The following requirements apply to the acquisition of the taxi license (Cat.BPT / Code 121):

  • Medical examination

  • 1 year driving experience without complaint

  • Eye test (not older than 24 months)

  • Additional theory test

    • Except for the transport of schoolchildren, the disabled and workers, ambulances and professional transport of people with vehicles with a design-related maximum speed of not more than 30 km / h

  • Practical driving test

The meeting point for the first driving lesson, as well as all subsequent driving lessons, is at the Vögelipark in Frankenstrasse / Sempacherstrasse.

Every driving lesson starts and ends here at the same time.

Registration for the 1st practical driving lesson (BPT / Code 121)

Thank you for your request. We will check the data and, if possible, realize the driving lesson according to your wishes.