Control tests


If you have obtained a driver's license in an EU country, you can usually have it rewritten without any major problems. Outside the EU, you can drive in Switzerland for one year. Then you have to take the so-called control test, as the rules in Switzerland are quite strict and do not necessarily correspond to what you may have learned in your country.

We are at your disposal as a driving school for this purpose.

Within 3 months, you will receive an invitation from the Road Traffic Office to be able to complete your control test.

We recommend that you book a few driving lessons in order to pass the exam safely and successfully.

The meeting point for the first driving lesson, as well as all subsequent driving lessons, is at the Vögelipark in Frankenstrasse / Sempacherstrasse.

Every driving lesson starts and ends here at the same time.

Registration for the 1st inspection drive

Thank you for your inquiry. We will check the data and, if possible, realize the driving lesson for you according to your wishes.